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Dragon Design

Dragon Boat is a pirate themed motor cruising boat. She was built in 2012 and purchased by us in 2016 making 2023 our 8th Summer Season with Dragon Boat in Ölüdeniz.

Every Winter we work hard improving and maintaining Dragon Boat.

NEW for 2023 she has 2 brand new 450 horse power engines, a brand new generator and a specially made extra strong gangplank for embarking/ disembarking.

Dragon Boat is 24 meters long, has a top speed of 16 knot and a capacity of 120 persons.

Both adult and childrens lifejackets are on board and Dragon Boat has to pass a safety test each year to gain a certificate to work.


The pirate theme makes Dragon Boat trips extra special. The 3 masts, rigging and sails give an authentic feel even though they are only part of the decor.

You enter Dragon Boat through a huge Davey Jones face and from then on will see many pirate props and decor.

Sea Witch


Decor and design throughout Dragon Boat has been hand painted and customized by our own top crew member Ismail Bekçi



Up to date powerful sound systems and light displays ensure an awesome party.

Davey Jones


Highly maintained furnishings, newly varnished woodwork and top quality craftmanship.


Choose your base

Dragon Boat has plenty of space and many different areas to sit. 

Lower deck is the dining area and shady.

Middle deck has lots of space for dancing and foam party as well as ample seating areas in both sun and shade.

The two upper decks have lots of seating and sunbeds available in the full sun.

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