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Dragon Design

  • Dragon Boat was built as a pirate style tourism boat in 2012.

  • She arrived in Ölüdeniz in 2016 making this is our 6th Summer Season of entertaining our wonderful loyal customers.

  • Dragon Boat is 24 metres long and has two engines together making 850 horsepower. Dragon Boat is the fastest boat in Ölüdeniz. She has 120 person capacity.

  • The entrance/ lower deck is the dining area which is always quiet and shady. There is a bar on this deck. Downstairs from here are the toilets and change cabin. At the back of the boat there is a shower for you to rinse the salt water off after swimming. The middle deck has many seats and tables in both shade and full sun. It is also where the music, DJ, 2nd bar, foam party and fun can be found! The two upper decks are in full sun, have sunbeds and plenty of places to sit. Also the best views! The Captain steers the boat from up here.

  • Dragon Boat has undergone many changes and upgrades over the years and we are very proud of the hard work and dedication that has gone into making her as beautiful as she is now.

  • As you enter the boat you pass though the huge face of Davey Jones. You are then immediately greeted by a skeleton pirate! Many other pirate artistry can be found all around the boat.

  • Unique hand crafted and painted design by Ismail Bekçi can be seen throughout the boat. The bars, the doors, the bins and even the toilets have his trademark style.​

  • The pirate treasure chest is an original antique chest although the treasure is not!

  • Two beautiful sea witches adorn the entrance to the middle deck.

  • The sails and rigging are for decorative purposes only and not for customers to climb!

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