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  • Dragon Boat Ölüdeniz is famous for it's fun and friendly atmosphere.

  • Whether it is a spontaneous dance or a well rehearsed, dramatic dive show our crew make it their mission to entertain you!

  • The foam party is your chance to be a kid again and go crazy in the bubbles!

  • Dragon Boat boasts an incredible sound system - throughout the trip a wide range of music keeps the mood high!

  • We also have talented professional DJs come aboard Dragon Boat to play their unique sets.

  • It doesn't matter if it is a day trip or a sunset trip - both trips are lively and entertaining with dancing and fun throughout.

  • Once it gets dark, Dragon Boat really comes to life with the awesome lights and disco.

  • The middle deck on Dragon Boat is where the party is, the music is loud and the atmosphere jumping.

  • If you want to chill out the two upper decks are the perfect place to sit back and relax or sunbathe.

  • The lower dining deck is shady and quiet should you wish for some tranquility. 

  • People of all ages enjoy Dragon Boat and children are most welcome!

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