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Food and Drink

  • Your meal on Dragon Boat is included in the ticket price.

  • When you embark for the Day Trip you will be asked to choose your meal choice for lunch - either chicken or fish. The Sunset Trip offers chicken only. Vegetarians are well catered for as the rest of the lunch is plentiful.

  • At lunch time you will be asked to sit in the dining area on the lower deck where you will be called up one table at a time to collect your lunch from the buffet.

  • Available from the buffet will be the chicken or fish you previously ordered, delicious salad, spiced bulgar rice, yoghurt meze, pasta salad and fresh bread.

  • There is always more than enough food so feel free to get second helpings!

  • There are two bars on Dragon Boat - one on the lower deck and one larger bar on the middle deck.

  • We serve both hot and cold drinks throughout the whole trip. 

  • The first time you order a drink you will be given a tab number to use for the rest of the day. We ask you to pay at the end of the trip. At any point please feel free to ask to see your tab so you don't get a suprise at the end of the trip as to how much you have had to drink.

  • We offer a wide range of drinks at reasonable prices, often cheaper than the local bars of Ölüdeniz. There are drinks menus availble.

  • We respectfully ask that you do not bring your own food or drink onto Dragon Boat. (Exception being if you need to bring food or drink for your toddler or fussy eater child!)​

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