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Kids and Families

  • Enjoy a fun family day out on Dragon Boat in Ölüdeniz.

  • Plenty of room for kids to run around on the middle deck, play, dance and have fun!

  • We often have pirate props available to buy on board such as plastic swords, eyepatches and bandanas.

  • Kids love swimming at all of the stops and jumping into the sea from the back of the boat. We have foam noodles on board for your use. 

  • There are watersports available at one of the stops where you can pay to have a ride on a banana boat or ringos!

  • The foam party is a favourite with all ages!

  • The sunset trip is also popular with families and kids, particularly those parents who want a night out partying but in a child friendly environment.

  • Kids cocktails are available to buy on Dragon Boat as are ice creams, crisps, crackers, lollies and other treats.

  • The music can be loud on Dragon Boat - downstairs there is the quiet shady deck suitable for prams and babies.

  • Babies and toddlers aged 2 and under are free of charge. If you need any help with boarding the boat with prams etc please ask and our crew will be happy to help. Also if you need hot water for baby bottles just ask at the bar.

  • We look forward to welcoming you onto Dragon Boat.

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