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Places we visit

  • Dragon Boat departs from Ölüdeniz main Belcekeğiz Beach for the day trip at 10:30am.  During the first 30 minutes of leisurely motoring you will pass Liberty Lykia Resort and Blue Cave.  

  • The first stop is at the famous Butterfly Valley. Here you will find a stunning beach only accessible by boat. You can pay a small fee (Approx. 25tl) to trek into the valley. During May June and October you may well see the beautiful butterflies the valley is named after. Sightings are less prominent during the hotter months. If you walk deep into the valley you will find a small waterfall. Dragon Boat stops here for 1 hour which is long enough to trek to the waterfall and back if you are fit and healthy. Alteratively enjoy a swim or simply sunbathe on the boat. 

  • Dragon Boat will sound it's horn loudly when it is time to return to the boat and depart.

  • A 45 minute crossing over Ölüdeniz bay brings you to the next stop - Cold Water Bay. It is here we usually stop for lunch. After lunch there is a chance to swim. There is no beach access from the boat. You can jump or dive from the back of the boat or climb down the ladders into the deep sea. You will feel the shockingly cold patches of water amongst the warm sea. This is due to the fresh water mountain springs under the sea. If you are really brave swim to the small cave area and feel the freezing water there!

  • Dragon Boat crew often put on a dive show from the high cliffs in this beauty spot. Have your camera at the ready!

  • Next stop is Camel Beach where it is lovely and calm for children to swim and play. We have foam noodles for your use on board and lifejackets for swimming.

  • Next stop is Gemiler Island otherwise known as Saint Nicolas Island. If you pay the small fee (Approx. 25tl) to enter the site you can climb up the hill and find Christian religious ruins including 4 churches and a ceremonial corridor leading down one side of the island. They date back as far as the 5th century. This island was used as a port for the pigrims travelling to the Holy Land by ship. During the 7th century however the Arab fleets began raiding the area and the island dwellers retreated inland. It was reinhabited during the 11th and 12th century but earthquakes and further raids eventually left the island deserted.

  • Saint Nicolas was born in Turkey in the city of Demre. It is believed he carried out his duties as a Bishop in this area and died here. The story goes he was buried on Gemiler Island and that later during the 12th century his relics were taken back to Italy. We stop here for 45 minutes so long enough to have a quick explore of the island - please wear good footwear and take water!

  • The sea around the island is beautiful for swimming and snorkelling. You can see some of the ruins under the water where they fell due to earthquakes. Watersports are available such as the banana boat or ringos.

  • The last stop is Aquarium Bay. This is a deep water stop - perfect for jumping in from the back of the boat and snorkelling.

  • We return from the day trip at approximately 17:00.

  • The sunset trip takes a leisurely motor out to sea - usually towards Saint Nicolas Island but sometimes across to a bay near Butterfly Valley. We will stop so you can enjoy the sunset out at sea. Later we may move on to a quiet spot where we stay for the evening.

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