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Places we visit

First stop on Dragon Boat day trip is Butterfly Valley. This is a visually stunning beach - get your camera ready! There is a trek into the canyon which ends with a small waterfall. You may also see butterflies at the beginning of Summer but less so as the weather heats up. There is a small charge to enter the trekking area but the beach is free.

Second stop is Cold Water Bay. It is here you can swim through warm patches of water then icy patches. This is from the natural springs that come from under the ground at the bottom of the sea. 


Camel Beach is the third stop. Named after the shape of the rocks it is a calm nice beach for kids to swim. 

Last stop is Aquarium Bay  - deep water great for diving in and snorkeling!

We have foam noodles on board for anyone to use and life jackets for those who may wish to wear them.

Fourth stop is St Nicolas Island.

This fabulous island is worth exploring if you are interested in history. There are Christian ruins dating back as far as the 5th Century. 4 churches and a ceremonial corridor. 

The island is named after the Saint Nicolas who is believed to have  lived and worked in this region as a Bishop.

This was a stopping point for pilgrims travelling to the holy land by sea. The island was deserted during the 11th century due to constant raids by Arab fleets.

Watersports Ölüdeniz turkey dragon pirate boat


When we stop at St Nicolas Island there is an opportunity to go on the inflatable sofas/ ringos/ banana boat. This is separate to Dragon Boat and the watersports companies charge a fee per person per ride.

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