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Join the craziness...

Foam Party!

The foam party on Dragon Ölüdeniz is a highlight of the trip for many people!

Available on both the day trip and the sunset trip, the foam party lasts approximately 45 minutes.

dragon pirate party boat oludeniz turkey ship trip foam party bubbles romance red dress lift up ship korsan gemisi tekne turu köpük partisi  ölüdeniz türkiye

Get in!

If you have never partied in foam this is your chance!

The foam pours out of the machine above the dance floor area on the middle deck - get right under it for the full experience!

Be ready for lots of laughs!

Children love playing in the bubbles too so be aware they may be deep in the foam and not obvious!

Watch from above...

If the foam party is not your thing - do not worry - 

you can enjoy watching the craziness from the two upper decks!

We use government approved foam.

It does not go into the sea or harm marine life.

dragon oludeniz pirate party boat ship turkey foam party dance stage disco summer fun bikini drink gin tekne turu korsan gemisi dans partisi köpük ölüdeniz türkiye
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