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Food and Drink

Tantalize your taste buds!

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Varied drinks menu

Lots to choose from!

Cold drinks including beers, wine, cocktails, 

cider, all spirits and mixers,

soft drinks, milkshakes and kids mocktails.

Hot drinks such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate are also available to buy.

When you order your first drink a number will be given to you - please quote this number for all future purchases.

Payment will be collected at the end of the trip by our bar staff.

Tipping is most welcomed but not obligatory.

Lunch/ Dinner

Meals are INCLUDED in ticket price

If you are booking a day trip then lunch is included, if you are booking a sunset trip then dinner is included!

The meal consists of chicken breast that has been marinated in delicious flavours OR a full small, baked trout fish. 

Mixed mediterranean salad, yoghurt based mezes, lightly spiced bulgar wheat rice, pasta salad and a fresh bread roll!

The sunset trip does not offer the fish option.

There is always plenty of food so feel free to go back for more!

lunch food salad rice bulgar meze lunchtime boat trip dragon ship pirate oludeniz ölüdeniz turkey türkiye
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Enjoy - you are on holiday!

Sit back and enjoy the views  - no need to leave your seat to find the bar - our bar staff will come to you! 

Order any drinks or extras and they will be brought to you asap!

Bar staff may pass by selling ice creams, fresh orange juice or even shots! (These are NOT free!)


Best ingredients

Catering for up to 120 people every day is no mean feat! We make sure we buy the freshest ingredients every day from local suppliers.

Fruit and vegetables - Dairy products - Chicken - Fish - Bread etc - all from seperate individual quality suppliers. Even the ice!

We are proud to have Ümit's sister Yaşam as our on board chef.

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Dragon pirate boat oludeniz drinks menu and cocktail list prices 2024

Drinks Menu

dragon pirate boat oludeniz drinks menu and prices 2024
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