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Places We Visit

Stunning bays and beaches

Dragon Ölüdeniz DAY TRIP visits 5 beautiful places.

Each place we visit is unique and unlike anywhere else in the world!

Where else can you swim where ice cold water springs from under the mountain, trek into a 400m high canyon, explore Christian ruins dating back to the 5th century AD, snorkel and swim in the Turquoise waters?

ALSO all of this and more, on a pirate boat, with DJ and entertainment and ALL during a 7 hour boat trip?!?

Butterfly Valley Oludeniz Turkey turquoise sea canyon pirate boat dragon pirate ship

Where do we stop?

  • BUTTERFLY VALLEY - A stunning beach you can only reach by boat! We stop here for up to one hour. You can stay and sunbathe on board Dragon if you do not wish to get off, or you can go and swim or rock jump. There is a fee if you want to trek into the canyon - it is about a 3km trek into the heart of the canyon where you will find a small waterfall. You will need good footwear and water if you choose to do this. The valley is named after the butterflies that used to be plentiful - there are not so many these days.

  • COLD WATER BAY - We stop here for lunch and then afterwards 30 minutes of swim time. It is deep water here but you can climb down the ladders into the sea or jump off the back of the boat. Once you swim you will realise there are icy cold patches of water amongst the warm sea. This is from the natural water springs from the mountain, under the sea. There is a small rock pool if you are brave enough to try the icy water there!

  • CAMEL BEACH - This is a small pebble beach with calm water so perfect for small children to play. Nearby rocks make for good snorkelling. We are here for 45 minutes. Named after the rock formations - there are no camels here!

  • ST. NICOLAS ISLAND - An amazingly historical place. There is a small fee to explore the island. You will find Christian ruins including 4 churches and a ceremonial corridor dating back to the 5th and 6th Centuries. The island was named after Saint Nicolas who lived and worked here as a Bishop before he died in the 4th Century. Pilgrims would stop at the island during their sea voyage to the Holy land. Wear good footwear and take water as the ruins are on a hill in full sunshine! Alternatively relax onboard or swim and snorkel. There are also water sports such as the inflatable ringos and banana boat on offer by local companies. We are here for up to one hour.

  • AQUARIUM BAY - A perfect place for swimming and jumping from the back of the boat. Deep and clear water. We have lifevests and foam sticks for your use if you are not a confident swimmer.

Beautiful Places

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